International Health Organization

We did the background research, assembled and managed teams, and produced a report for international distribution on creating and maintaining high-quality health care systems in developing countries.

Major Public Health Company

We designed targeting plans for multiple outreach programs, including door-t0-door, mail, online and phone.  We achieved between 40-100% more success than their current methods.

Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Across factories in seven countries, we modeled costs and inputs to production, then renegotiated supplier contracts to provide savings of more than 10%, generating an additional contracted $10 million in returns annually.

Venture Capital

Looking across dozens of industries, we specified the best available applications of network science and artificial intelligence, estimating returns and analyzing challenges to new business ventures in the area.

High Tech Engineering Firm

We made social graphs of an engineering department of several thousand, tracked cooperation and success over multiple years, and developed guidelines for team construction that were 40% more likely to generate patents or trade secrets than existing methods.

Pharmaceutical Company

We developed a targeting plan for a drug launch including territory design, target values for both institutions and physicians, and patient volume estimators at physician and institutional levels.  We found the best experts in the therapeutic area and showed where they were most likely to be helpful.  We also cleaned, joined and rationalized more than 10 datasets into a single valuable data asset.